Why Main Street Still Matters

Despite the proliferation of big box stores, online juggernauts and warehouses with free shipping, local businesses continue to matter to our economy and our everyday lives. With 27.9 million small businesses in the U.S., these small but mighty enterprises still account for 64% of new private sector jobs. Further, www.smallbiztrends.com reported in January 2016 that 94% of consumers think shopping and supporting small businesses in their community is important.

At Standard Gravity, we feel the same way. Small businesses continue to be the lifeblood of our economy, and our day to day lives. Whether we head down the street to our local coffee shop, drop off papers at the accountants office, or run next door to grab a gift for a friend, our local business people are vitally important to our towns and cities, and our lives.

This is why we are focusing our efforts on helping these businesses thrive. Lately I have been going out into the community to speak to businesses owners and find out what matters to them, and how we can support and assist them to ensure their success. Here in New England we have some fantastic hamlets and town centers. With picturesque greens, stately trees and varied architectural styles including Colonial, Federal and others, the storefronts and back offices remain busy with people plying their trade. The owners, generally speaking, all want to interact with the community, provide a quality product or service, and be a part of the fabric of the town. Most of these people are our neighbors and friends, and while it may be easier to dial up Amazon on your mobile devices, try to connect with these local shops as often as possible to keep your downtown vibrant and thriving.

Today there are less retail establishments and more restaurants, but the town centers remain busy and bustling. The experience of going ‘downtown’ remains positive, and one that provides character and flavor to our hometowns. It’s important to support the businesses that provide meeting places, friendly faces and other intrinsic value that’s difficult to put a price tag on. And while price does matter, try to weigh the in the importance of those additional value-add services your local retailer, restauranteur or tradesman offers. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised more often than not with the experience.

Here’s a summer toast to our local businesses, may you have a successful summer plying your trade!


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